2014 Season Results

We have shown Magic and Aqua this season and have been very pleased with both their results.  As expected, with Aqua being a snow and Magic being a brown spotted/rosetted girl Judges have liked one or the other.  That being the case, they have both had highly variable outcomes. However, in every show they have each received 2nds and 3rds in the coveted ‘All Breed’ rings (against both short hair and long hair kittens) so we are very happy with that.

Other Wild Mariner kittens owned by other breeders have also had great results, including ‘Best in Show’ against short hair and ‘Best in Show’ in All Breed rings. 

We will post the final results after the Awards Dinner in September.

Final results:

Magic is now a champion and breed winner for 2014.  She made 9th place out of 46 in the entire kitten category.

Aqua made 15th place in the same category.

Our young stud Pudd’n was old enough to be shown at the last show in September 2014 as a kitten and was placed 2nd or 3rd in every ring against both short and long hair kittens so we are very pleased with that.  He will be shown as an adult in this show season starting in March.