2015 Season Results

The final results look like this:


Is now Gold Koru Double Grand Champion

National Best of Breed

Top Short Hair Champion

Second Allbreed (ie, against all short and long hair championship class adult cats)

Bella – Kitten Division

Most points overall

Second best short hair

Fourth best Allbreed

Bella won’t get a Championship title until she is shown as an adult.

Being complete nutters we decided to drive down and back to Wanganui in the one day rather than stay over because there was a girl due, and a feisty mother who doesn’t let anyone but us near her kittens which makes cleaning and feeding difficult (to say the least!) for others.  So, we left at 1.30am on Saturday and arrived back at midnight – 24 hours up and 14 hours of driving.  But it was worth it.  Pudd’n regained his position with a best in show and may have even gained a notch, and Bella consolidated her top kitten position. The final results won’t be released until after the annual prize giving dinner in October but we know they have both done us proud.  The final outcome will be reported here after the October dinner.

We had entered the August show in Kumeu but Pudd’n decided he wasn’t going to stand for having his claws clipped and put up a right perfomance!  Rather than push him into completely losing the plot we decided to just go back to bed.  Big mistake.  The official show results and national standings hadn’t been provided up until then and a couple of days later they came out.  It turns out that Bella was the top kitten. Pudd’n was the top short hair and sat one point behind being the second best out of all the short and long hair cats shown this season!  By missing the show Pudd’n slipped down the rankings.  We therefore had to go to the Wanganui show in September to get him back up where he belonged!

The July show was a bit disappointing with very up and down results but both Bella and Pudd’n each got best in show in one ring so that’s ok.

The June Orewa show was an outstanding success for both Bella and Pudd’n, who brought in five ‘Best in Show’s’ between them plus seconds in the rings they didn’t come first in so we are thrilled with those results.  The next show is in Palmerston North but we won’t be going to that one.

The Mother’s Day show in Hamilton went extremely well for both Pudd’n and Bella. The two US judges gave each of them a ‘Best in Show’ (Pudd’n adult, Bella kitten) and Pudd’n got all 2nds in all other rings against both short and long hair adults.  Bella also got mostly 2nds and at the end of the show there was a ‘Judges Choice’ component where she was chosen by one of the US judges. We also received a Breeder’s Award of Merit for Pudd’n.

The first show of the season had mixed results for Pudd’n and Bella, a girl we have kept as a future queen. However, by the end of the show Bella had achieved a 3rd against all the short hair kittens and Pudd’n got a 3rd against all the short and long hair adults so we have to be pleased with that end result.  At the end of the show there was a ‘Judges Choice’ component where each Judge chose a cat/kitten they thought was exceptional in some way beyond the breed standard they are judged by and two Judges chose Pudd’n.