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If you’re looking for an outstanding Bengal kitten, you’ve come to the right place.

We breed Bengal kittens with dark well-formed rosettes in a range of rosette sizes.  We also produce a few kittens with red toning and are building our Snow Bengal breeding programme.  The latest addition are two imported Silver girls who are producing outstanding silver babies and stunning browns.  One of them carries for snow and has beautiful snow kittens as well.

We breed top class Bengal kittens from imported bloodlines and have many champion cats in our breeding programme.

Wild Mariner Bengals was originally founded by Carole Page. Due to her ill health she sadly passed away in March 2020, She has left behind an outstanding legacy of stunning Bengals. We (Theresa and Damian Vaughan) are so fortunate to have been Caroles friend for many years. Her knowledge of Bengals and genetics was amazing, helping us and many others to better their breeding programs. Caroles cats live with us now in Parakai, Auckland. We will treasure these cats, as we did our friendship and are determined to keep her legacy alive through her beautiful Bengals. So, from now on Wildmariner Bengals and Pride of Eire Bengals will no longer work separately and will have linked websites.

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As NZ Bengal breeders, we have observed Bengal cats over many years. Learn about Bengal cats, Bengal cat temperament, Bengal health & information on Bengal cats.

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All details on Bengal kitten adoption,  photos of beautiful kittens we have bred before and information on caring for a Bengal cat.

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DNA Testing

To ensure the best Bengal Cats NZ, we DNA test for all genetically diseases and traits likely to cause problems for breeders or the health of our cats and kittens.

Bengal Kittens NZ

We love Bengals

We breed Bengals because there is no other cat that is genuinely a miniature leopard, and the pattern of each one is a unique living work of art.  Many hours are lost just looking at them.

Loving and caring of our Bengal troops is a family affair, but the primary contact person is Damian. We have a DNA testing programme to ensure the genetic health of our cats and kittens and offer a two-year guarantee against genetic defects.

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