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We are Bengal Cat Breeders in Auckland NZ

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Wild Mariner Bengals

We have beautiful Bengal kittens for sale. Wild Mariner Bengals are outstanding show quality Bengal cats and also make extraordinary, friendly pets. When treated well Bengals deeply ‘love’ their human family and tend to become particularly attached to one person.

Wild Mariner Bengals is located in Helensville, about 40 minutes from Auckland. We are registered Bengal breeders with both New Zealand Cat Fancy and Catz Inc.

Adopting A Bengal Cat 

We care a great deal about where our Bengal kittens go. To ensure they go to a great home and to make sure prospective Bengal adopters know what they are getting into, we ask quite a few questions of people wanting to buy our Bengals.  For more information about the Bengal breed or to inquire about adopting a Bengal cat, call us or complete the contact form. We’ll be back in touch ASAP. When you complete the form, please tell us about the home you can offer in terms of living environment (e.g. rural or suburban), places to run and climb, companionship, and safety.

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