2013 Season Results

There were six Wild Mariner (WM) cats competing in national 2013 Show rings.  From WM there was – Onyx, Squeak, Moony, and Cleo, plus there was WM Indra and WM Bengali, breeding kittens owned and shown by others. 

Shows always had one or two Judges from Australia and one show had a Judge from Argentina.

Onyx’s great achievements have earned him the Championship title ‘Supreme’, the very top title awarded. He is now retired from the Show ring. For his retirement party he had a sardine and lots of kisses. His official name is now SupDblGrCh Nw Bw Kw Wild Treasure Londo Onyx. His only terrible task now is lounging about in the sun seducing beautiful girls. And he loves that job. 

Supreme Double Grand Champion May 2013

National Winner 2012 

Karnac Winner 2013

7 Breeder’s Award of Excellence March 2012 to May 2013

2012 Bengal Breed Winner

2013 Bengal Breed Winner

2012 National Winner 3rd most points

2012 National Winner 2nd Best Short Hair

2012 National Winner 3rd Best All Breed (both long and short hair)

National Standing for 2012 – All championship cats both long and short hair: 2nd place, 50 points away from 1st place, and 162 points in front of 3rd place.

We are also extremely proud of Squeak, Cleo and Moony for their great performances in 2013. Moony is now a Double Grand Champion and Cleo has received a 2nd in the “All Breed” pedigree division up against all the short and long hair kittens as well as seconds and thirds in the short haired divisions.  Squeak has done even better and after he is shown as an adult in 2014 will have earned at least a Double Grand Premier title.  

It was an up and down process for Moony…for some unknown reason the Judges either raved about her or didn’t rate her high at all! We have decided to leave it now because showing is quite stressful for cats and although she accepts it extremely well, she deserves to retire from the Show Ring.  Her official name now looks like this:  Double Grand Champion Artattack Jungle FX of Wild Mariner.  We got a certificate, Moony got a retirement sardine and lots of kisses.

Squeak, our stunning marble boy from Onyx and Goldie, was shown as a kitten during the 2013 show season. He has received quite a few Breeder’s awards and been 1st short hair and 2nd all breed a few times. Mind you, it has to be said that the rings were sometimes small but a Breeders Award is only given when warranted. We will offer him to a good home after he has achieved the Double Grand Premier status in the hope someone else would like to take his show career further as a fascinating hobby.  All help given with Showing.

Kittens WM Indra, WM Bengali and WM Seven Seas had their highs – in the top 5 (including 2nds and 3rds), and their lows – 6th-10th. Overall though, they did well against some tough opposition in the shape of extremely popular Sphinxes, Persians and British Short Hairs.  It will be interesting to see what happens in the 2014 Show season for these young Bengals shown in the adult divisions.