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Our four Bengal studs are all superb examples of the Bengal breed and add a broad range of international bloodlines.

NZ Gold Koru Double Grand Champion


Pudd’n is Cass’ son and also carries the recessive Snow Lynx gene.  He has very large and well defined rosettes that he passes on to his kittens.  He did extremely well in the show ring and earned his top title unusually quickly.


This youngster came to NZ in his mum Sally’s (please see the ‘Queens’ page)  tummy and we couldn’t be happier.  He has the whole package, as described by the highly esteemed Judge, John Smithson, in his show report:

LIQUID SILVER TOMKAT, a Black Silver Spotted Bengal male kitten, bred and owned by D. Vaughan and C. Page. A surprisingly lovely Bengal male, of striking appearance and disposition. Well grown, muscular boy with good head length, body length and tail to balance. Superbly clear foundation undercoat, without blemish. Black markings show clear rosettes and some donut shaped markings, evenly distributed with good acreage between, allowing them to be clearly defined. Broken triple spine-line. Good muzzle and chin. Lovely clear bright eyes of good colour and shape. Ears set correctly, perhaps could be a tad smaller and rounder tipped. This boy has pizzazz and personality, clearly enjoying his show experience. Pelt texture was soft and silky and with a delicate sheen, short, yet resilient. Required spotting to belly. Correct nose leather, finely outlined in black. In all, an exceptional male kitten who certainly earned his Best of Colour, Best of Breed and Best Kitten in Show x three!!

He completely wowed the judges in his first show, taking out top place in every ring as well as a Breeders Award and Public Choice Award. He also brings new bloodlines from Australian Champion cats.


This youngster is an extremely rare silver snow lynx born to our Sally.  Like his brother Tom Cat he has the whole package – great type, great pattern, and great personality.  He’s a big boy who will keep improving with age so we expect great things from him.

Bengal Breeders NZ  – Bengal Stud Cats