2016 Season Results

It was another successful season showing Luca (a snow girl) as a kitten and Ambu as a kitten for the first show then as an adult for 5 shows.   We also took Bella to the first show as an adult in order to collect her kitten points.  Ambu in particular had a spectacular season and we are extremely proud to have bred this fabulous example of a young Bengal girl who has reached Gold Koru Double Grand Champion status in one adult season.  Excitingly, she is now 14 months old and expecting her first litter of babies!

Of the 9 shows for the season we only went to 6 of them, with the last one being the July Karnac show in Hamilton.  To date the confirmed results are only available for 4 shows the girls went to and those results are shown below.  The remaining 2 show results will be updated as soon as they are in.

The Top Ten placings shown were won against all the entire kittens or championship level adult cats in all rings with three different judges. Many of the judges are from overseas and add international expertise. Usually, a show has 3 short hair (SH) rings, 3 long hair (LH) rings and 3 rings where judges award placings against all SH and LH  (All Breed/AB).  Sometimes there are additional rings. Obviously, it’s the AB placings that are the best against the best so we are definitely after them!  In addition to the 1sts, 2nds and 3rds the girls (mainly Luca) also got 4ths to 7ths but we don’t count those!

The end of year award results will be posted as soon as they are available, usually in November. 


First AB (2)          First SH (5)

Second AB (1)    Second SH (3)

Third AB (2)        Third SH (3)

Judges Choice – this is an award given for a kitten/cat that has something extra beyond the usual judging standards.  Two shows had this award. (1)

Breeder award of excellence (3)



First AB                 First SH (3)

Second AB (2)    Second SH (2)

Third AB               Third SH (1)   

Judges Choice (1)

Breeder award of excellence (1)



Second AB (1)

First SH (1)

Second SH (2)

Third SH (2)

Ambu and Luca did well in the final points tally for the year.

Ambu:  Against all the short hair cats shown during the year (including other Bengals) she was the National Best of Breed, 2nd best short hair, 3rd best cat (against both short and long hair) and achieved the most points overall.  Quite an impressive result that we are very pleased with.

Luca: Against all the short hair kittens shown during the year (including other Bengals) she was 4th best short hair and 8th best kitten against both short and long hair.