Bengal Breed

Bengal Queens and Motherhood
Some Bengal females can be savagely protective of new-born kittens up to around 4 weeks of age, even if they have been the friendliest, smoochiest girl that loved you to bits before giving birth. They will let you know very clearly that you are not welcome to touch the kittens and will take no-claw swipes at your hand or grab your hand in their teeth without actually biting. The savagery comes about with other cats. Sisters with whom they’ve shared their lives, good friends they’ve made, even their own mothers are given clear warning to stay away by way of loud growling and open claw swiping. These mothers follow their wild ancestors by slowly giving up the battle to keep a solo grip on babies once they start to wander around to explore their new world. Fortunately, most Bengal mothers are not so protective and let you handle their kittens without stressing.