2018 Season Results

We took the young stud Latte and a young girl to the first show held in March.

Latte did very well, achieving two 2nds in two of the short hair rings and two 2nds in two of the combined short and long hair rings.  The third judge placed him 4th and 6th.  Clearly needs to go to Spec Savers!

The young girl did ok but not great.  She achieved one 3rd and two 4ths in the short hair rings and two 4ths and one 5th in the combined rings.  While our aim is to be in the top three, in show terms/points, it’s the top five that are considered to be the ‘cream’ so while she didn’t shine, she certainly glowed.   Even so, she won’t be shown again and we won’t be showing girls anymore.  The vast majority of top three kittens and cats are male, and that’s just the way it is.

Latte did even better in the second show held in Kumeu. Two judges gave him first place in the short hair division and the third gave him a third. There were only two rings that combined short and long hair cats and one judge gave him first place. The other gave him a fifth place, preferring long hair cats over Latte.

At the third show Latte got two thirds in short hair rings. After the show we found out that Latte has now reached the Silver Koru Double Grand Champion title so that’s pretty exciting! A highlight of the show was that the Waikato Times thought Latte was rather special and did an editorial piece on Bengal breeding.