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Bengal Breeders NZ  – Bengal Queens

All our Bengal queens are picked to add to a broad range of international bloodlines and top quality Bengal ‘type’.
Of equal importance are their soft and loving natures and great mothering skills.

NZ Gold Double Grand Champion Wild Mariner Ambui

Home name Ambu

Ambu is a stunning example of a brown rosette Bengal queen with very clearly defined dark rosette outlines and fabulous contrast in colours.  She did spectacularly well in the 2016 show season, sitting in second place out of the short and long hair divisions and earning the national title Gold Double Grand Champion in the process.

Wild Mariner Miss Independent

Home name Inde

Inde is Ambu’s litter sister and looks quite similar but is slightly lighter in colouring.  A major plus for Inde is that she carries the recessive Snow Lynx gene.

Imported NZ Grand Champion Artattack Jungle FX

Home name Moony

Moony was imported as a kitten to broaden our international bloodlines. Her bloodlines go back to the original Asian leopard Cat breeding programme started by Jean Millwood. She is a lovely solid girl with a rich red colour, big bold rosettes, and produces truly amazing kittens.

Wild Mariner Berfu

Home name Luca

Luca is a beautiful example of a Sepia Snow Bengal queen. Her first litter is planned for early 2017 and we are expecting some extremely nice kittens from her, sired by Pudd’n who carries for snow.  Luca did quite well in the kitten division for the 2016 show season. We hope to show her as an adult in 2017.

Wild Mariner Enfant de la Mer

Home name Bella

Bella has the classic mini leopard look and passes that on to her kittens.  She did extremely well in the 2015 show season as a kitten but wasn’t shown as an adult in the 2016 season, so her Double Grand Champion title is not yet official.

Wild Mariner Sea Spray

Home name Loki

Loki is another girl with the classic leopard look. She has a rich gold background and nearly black markings. She has an extremely soft nature and loves her cuddles.

Wild Mariner Spirit of the Sea

Home name Dotti

Dotti is Loki’s litter sister and looks fairly similar but is a bit lighter in colour.  Like her sister, Loki is also keen on pats and cuddles.

Wild Mariner Lantern Bearer

Home name Mini

Mini is an absolute sweetheart with the most beautiful emerald green eyes.  She loves human company and often hangs around trying to help when we are doing things in the Cattery area. Like Moony, she has rich red tones to her pattern.

Wild Mariner Sailing on Sparkling Water

Home name Coco

Coco is another girl with a very soft nature who purrs if you just look at her.  She has great type that she will pass on to her kittens.

Photos of Coco on the Show bench

Posted by Catz Incorporated on Thursday, 27 July 2017


Imported Mighty Pride Mercedes

Home name Mercedes

Mercedes was imported as a young adult and has produced some stunning kittens for us.  She has an extremely short and shiny pelt that highlights her leopard-like look.

Wild Mariner Mala

Home name Mala

Mala is a fantastic example of great Bengal type.  She introduces new bloodlines to the breeding programme thanks to our breeder friend Damian letting us use his stud with our Inde.

Lotzaspotz Darya

Home name Maisey

Maisey is a lovely Snow Lynx with beautiful blue eyes.  She is a big girl who will bring size to our Snow kittens.

Pride of Eire Saorla

Home name Aqua

Aqua is a beautiful example of a Snow Mink Bengal.  She is very affectionate and loves human company.  She came to us from a breeder friend and we couldn’t be more pleased with her and the fabulously patterned kittens she produces with the right boys.  Look at those whisker pads!

Bengal Breeders NZ  – Bengal Queens