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Bengal Breeders NZ  – Bengal Stud Cats

Our four Bengal studs are all superb examples of the Bengal breed and add a broad range of international bloodlines.

Silver Koru Double Grand Champion

Wild Mariner a Whiter Shade of Pale

Home name Latte

Latte is a close to perfect example of a big (6kg at 11 months and it’s all muscle) Snow Mink Bengal boy.  His temperament can’t be bettered and he’s a dream on the Show bench as well.

Imported Tijah Dark Hunter

Home name Cass

Cass’ home name is short for Casanova because of his way with the girls.  He carries the recessive Snow Lynx gene and has produced some amazing kittens. He also has a red tint to his colouring but a lot lighter than Malosi. Cass has the most smoochy nature of all our male Bengal cats.

NZ Gold Double Grand Champion Wild Mariner Me Hearty

Home name Pudd’n

Pudd’n is Cass’ son and also carries the recessive Snow Lynx gene.  He has very large and well defined rosettes that he passes on to his kittens.  He did extremely well in the show ring and earned his top title unusually quickly.

Tijah Andali

Home name Andali

This lovely boy came to stay for a few months and when he left some of our best girls were pregnant to him.  They have now given birth and his babies are gorgeous!  He left his mark with beautiful patterns and dramatic black colouring.

Bengal Breeders NZ  – Bengal Stud Cats